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Please vote on Tuesday, June 3.  Your NO vote is crucial.  This bond only needs 55% approval to pass.  We need a BETTER BOND, if we are to truly improve facilities for Fremont's kids.

$650 million price tag makes it the biggest school bond in Alameda County history, but...

  • provides no classrooms for high schools, only one classroom in one elementary, no solution for current overcrowding and imminent classroom needs
  • has built-in 60%  cost overruns (that $240,000,000 is $87,000,000 more than the entire 2002 Health and Safety Bond)
  • proposes to spend ~$400,000,000 ($250 mil allocated + 60% cost overrun) to add just 2200 seats at the five middle schools (PRICE: $180,000 per seat/averaging $80 million/school) ; replacement campuses would be cheaper and eliminate cost of future repairs on old facilities
  • repayment rate is based on an ASSUMPTION of 4% tax base increases PER YEAR, for 38 yrs, but Prop 13 caps existing owners' increases to 2%--forcing us to accept more development, each year, just to pay debts
  • leaving old structures means there will be more bonds for more band-aids for 50 yr old schools, and inevitable costs to replace facilities ON TOP OF the cost of this bond

This is not good enough for Fremont residents.  You can demand a better bond by voting NO to Measure E.   Only 55% of those who vote are needed to pass this bond.  Your silence is acceptance.  Please vote NO.

Thank you for your support.

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Here's another take on Measure-E.. from Hiu


Sad Truth - A Different View About Warm Springs PR
    Posted by: "Hiu Ng" hiung4fusd
    Date: Mon Jun 2, 2014 10:49 am ((PDT))

Unfortunately, I have heard the same promises from developers before. The Ardenwood community (close to Coyote Hill) was promised an elementary school and land for a jr. high. After all the approvals and elections, the developer ended up just paying the standard (way too low) developer fee. That was all.
Where was the Fremont City Council? No where. No help. It seemed to be friendlier with developers than the people that it should serve. It was true then. It is true now.
A letter of intent is not legally binding. It is used as a smoke screen all the time. When it is done this close to the Measure E vote, it is what I call PR. A friend of mine, an excellent Marketing person, once told me that the problem with the technical type (his way of being gentle with my feelings) was that we confused PR/Marketing with reality. He told me that whatever it was that he was selling at the time, it would have to be the greatest thing in the world - regardless of how horrible it might really be. He would prefer to market an excellent product but It was his job to ignore the truth.
It is extremely sad. FUSD is actually better at PR/Marketing than educating Fremont children. It is doing an excellent job pushing its own "spin" as news.
Want Proof? Kennedy's latest (2013) CA STAR test scores for "proficient and advance" in all four test areas:
English Language Arts - 53%Math - 22%Science - 54%Humanities - Social Studies - 44%
This is the percentage of students meeting the requirements. Of course, these numbers don't mean everything. I am just giving a quick example. But there are plenty of issues at FUSD.
By the way, the math numbers for the other high schools are:
Washington - 31%American - 46%Irvington - 59%Mission - 82%
Basically, 4 of FUSD's high schools are failing math. Completely. These info are within each school's Accountability Report from FUSD. You can find these Accountability Reports from the "parent" area of FUSD's web site. The CA Department of Education web has the same info - you may search by school name.
In any case, when was the last time FUSD put this type of info on its home page or send the community a flyer/email about absolutely needed improvement for our children? Well, it is all about award winning schools, right? Now, it is all about facilities. It wants our money. It can't talk about just what kind of knowledge and skills our students are graduating with. Some students are doing well. Many others, sign, are failing. Miserably. 
Actually, I fully expect that after all the houses are built (and a new mayor and some new School Board members would have been elected by then so there would be no accountability...) most of the new homes would be re-allocated back to Irvington. Developers are interested in profits. Nothing wrong here. Well, they could sell the same house at a higher price at Irvington as compared with Kennedy. This sort of things is very uncomfortable but true.
Some smart Marketing person would probably come up with a "it is only fair to share the new students' enrollment load" campaign and insist on these new houses being allocated to Irvington. And Mission as well - because Mission would provide even more profits. Developers could easily donate whatever needed to elect School Board members that would support "fairness" for all. There would be millions and millions on the table for the developers. 
The people of Fremont would have the pleasure of paying the $1.7 billion Measure E debt. For 38 years. Of course.
I am human. After years and years debating with FUSD, I am tired. I should give it all up and go fishing. But the kids are still here. Their needs are still not addressed. So I am here, writing emails again. I can't quite believe it myself. I must be born with some strange DNA or something. 
Please feel free to agree or disagree. I just think that I should let you know the different view.
Yours Truly,
Hiu Ng
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2014 08:21:36 -0700
Subject: Re: [FremontCitizensNetwork] Lennar Said to Reach California Land Deal for 3,000 Homes in warm springs

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