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FINALLY, after heralding more local coverage and retention of the Argus masthead . . . you know, the one that reads "..of Fremont, Newark and Union City" . . . . after waiting many, many days - - -  we are witness to some serious journalistic result . . . . and it EVEN has something to do with our city management.


Headlines read, and in big bold typeface,  "Tax hike only a matter of time"


What a perfect tee up to the tax-hike-promotional-playbook which Artz continues to describe very nicely and which was authored by our leaders. 


And, isn't his headline  precisely the kind of sentiment and knee-jerk drivel you'd like to overhear rolling off the tongues of your constituency at the local feed bin - if you were Bobbie, or Anu, or Billy ? 


"Oh, hell, Charlie . . . . . whatcha bitchin' about ?  After all, a tax hike is  only a matter of time."    


To which, our friend Charlie was overhead saying - "Ummm no you are (again) wrong, a tax PROPOSAL or INITIATIVE might be a matter of time . . . . but a tax HIKE is ALSO a matter of approval by the electorate." 


But, job well done --- we need to sell these people. 

It's in their best interest.



So, with Artz' headlines leading the charge onto the field, we can look forward to some serious overtime play on this one because we're told that this will occur over some protracted period of time.  First, long enough that the sting of any tax hike INITIATIVES doesnt detract from the re-re-re-seating of a couple of current council members in 2012.  Of course, this will require some real dexterity on the forcasting front.  Loads of assumptions over a protracted period of time. 


But, isn't the problem with this thinking that, we've demonstrated our INABILITY to forecast?   You know - like when we last attempted a tax hike and then discovered within a few weeks, that we actually had a tax SURPLUS on our books.  (never mind that - let's move on - nothing to see here)


And, since we've NEVER bothered to do anything except acknowledge that this minor debacle occurred - - -  since we've NEVER taken the time to examine how it occurred and explain what might be different going forward . . you, the taxpayers of Fremont, are left to simply trust once again . . that more money is truly needed and will be spent wisely. 


And, NOT for things like paving someone's private access road. 

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I finally figured it out.

Artz hates 2/3rds of the Tri-City area.



All the way at the bottom of the page. . .. .



Credentials here -


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